Shariah Law, An Evil Mandate

I don’t think the idea of Sharia Law being accepted by the American people is even possible. Those evil men from the sand-lands want to kill us if we don’t switch to the evil religion of Islam. It is truly an evil religion. I once believed the rhetoric of Islam being a peaceful religion until I learned more about it, and it is nothing more than rhetoric. After you learn more about Islam, you learn that the peaceful Muslims, are in fact law breakers and extremists in their own right, at odds with the violent demands of the Ko’Ran.

Moving forward, review the video below to learn more about the fantasy of Shariah in America.

Defending Your Rights in a Tyrannical Society

At no other time throughout history has it been more critical to know to locate competent legal representation than it is today. Hardly a week goes by when you can’t find a new report of police, local governments or the federal government overstepping their bounds and infringing upon the rights of their citizens.

People used to essentially be free to decide how to live their lives, as long as they weren’t harming anyone. That is no longer the case, and an existence where you have any say in what you do is becoming a distant memory. Things have changed.

Your property doesn’t belong to you. Your children don’t belong to you. Your own body doesn’t belong to you. You’re unfit to make decisions for yourself or your family. You no longer have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the way a U.S. citizen once did.

America The Beautiful

Below you will find a few shocking examples of the ugly and frightening turn things have taken in recent years. These people probably never dreamed they’d find themselves in legal battles over things such as these.

  1. It is illegal to collect rainwater in certain states including Colorado, Utah, and Washington. I bet you never thought you’d see the day when collecting rain water that falls on your home or land would be a crime.
  2. People have been fined for growing gardens on their property and/or forced to destroy them.
  3. There was a proposed bill in Ohio that would require parents to be subjected to a psychological evaluation if they wished to home school their children. Evidently, it the government felt the parents had opposing views of what their children should be taught, they would be denied the ability to home school. Isn’t the whole purpose of homeschooling to ensure that your kids are receiving a quality education, which doesn’t always happen within the school system? It’s nothing more than another attempt to indoctrinate your offspring, because the government believes it owns your kids and their wishes trump yours.
  4. In certain states, checkpoints have popped up where motorists were intimated by federal contractors into supplying breath, blood, and saliva samples. These samples are used to collect DNA for the federal government’s DNA database. This is extremely disturbing, especially since it is being done without cause and when no crime has been committed.
  5. A teenage girl with mitochondrial disease has been held hostage in a hospital in Massachusetts for more than a year. After being admitted to the hospital, doctors disagreed with the diagnosis and instead decided her issues were psychological. They accused the parents of “being too active in pursuing healthcare matters for their child” and the state refused to return her to the custody of her parents.
  6. A newborn baby in Pennsylvania was taken away from her mother by the state, when the mom questioned the necessity of her daughter being given a vaccination.
  7. There are a multitude of disturbing reports of people being subjected to invasive and unwarranted body cavity searches, forced medical procedures, and even surgery after being pulled over by the police.
  8. Houston now has a law on the books that requires anyone selling gold or silver to be photographed and fingerprinted. Although they claim it’s an attempt to curb thieves from being able to sell stolen precious metals, it’s really only treating law-abiding citizens as if they are criminals.
  9. Feeding the homeless, which has always been a compassionate and kind act, is becoming illegal in an increasing number of U.S. cities. Houston, Dallas, New York City, Philadelphia, and Orlando have all made attempts to ban providing food to those who are unable to provide to themselves. Evidently, the government would prefer they die of starvation.
  10. If you live in Iowa, you may soon be required to pass a “Paternal Fitness” test before you’ll be permitted to have children. If you don’t pass and you’re already pregnant, you would be required to terminate your pregnancy. Things that would disqualify someone from being allowed to reproduce include: a family history of mental illness or a hereditary disease, a history of alcohol abuse or drug abuse, and morbid obesity.

Perhaps you were already aware of these happenings or maybe this is the first time you’ve heard of some of these things. Regardless, it’s important to understand that the political and legal climate of this country has radically changed. We are on a tremendously dangerous and slippery slope, and attempts to control us and squash our rights are gaining momentum. Stay aware and known where to find legal help should you need it.

A Society Imprisoned By Legal Statute

In our society in the United States of America, we are forced to live under the direction of a number of different legal rulings, regulations, and ordinances which are designed to keep us in check, track us, detail our finances, tax us into oblivion, and in some cases, rare cases, to serve our best interests by way of protecting us from others, and ourselves.

I have come to feel that the idea of legislation was probably put in place to serve the highest conceivable good of the people, but somehow ended up being used to take control the citizenry, and in some cases, like with the so-called Federal Healthcare mandate known as ObamaCare, a tax, meant to control the buying habits of people.

This is one of the many ways to use laws as a way of transferring money from one class of people, to a higher class of people.

It is our firm belief that American citizens should have the right to choose whether or not they want to have Health Insurance. People should be able to make their own decisions on where they pay for insurance without the force of of a corrupt federal government.

The Law Is Enforced By Guns!

If you don’t obey the law, you will eventually be met by an officer with the tools to put you to death if justified. Without this threat of violence, the law wouldn’t be worth the paper its written on.

Using our Affordable Care Act example, a person might be killed, or even jailed by the Internal Revenue Service, a taxing agency with the hassle of being a health insurance provider.

It’s important that the people understand how we are being caged up like animals by people we authorize to kill us. So long as it is line with the law they pen and pass legislatively.

In the state of Texas, the law is strictly enforced by that’s nothing like the power of the Federal Government especially when she is headed up by a president with the balls to write a law on paper, sign it, and claim executive privilege.

Be very careful when voting for politicians and be sure to participate in the voting process. An educated electorate is probably the only way we can peacefully restore the American landscape to one of just laws, and morality.

To read more well written articles based on the philosophy of life, law, and society, visit any search engine and look around for as many opportunities as you can to learn more about the law, and expand your understanding of legal philosophy and intent.

Regardless of my view on the law, or your own, we all have to by laws, and obey them, or be killed or imprisoned by an overbearing government. People should be free.

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