Ignition Interlock Devices Limit DWI Occurrences

This is probably one of the best products that’s been invented to help save lives. The IID, or the Ignition Interlock Device is exactly the same as the breathalyzer that is used by cops, but this one is installed in your vehicle.

Before you can start your car you need to take the test to ensure that you’re not impaired. If the device shows a high level of alcohol in your breath, the car will not be able to start. This system is truly innovative and we would have a much safer world if every single vehicle in the plant had this system installed as a manufacturing requirement. Even the best DWI lawyers would struggle for clients. The world would also be a much safer place if we had a military police state, but thank God we live under, at least, a well disguised illusion of freedom rather than an outright police state.

Possession of Cocaine is Always a Texas Felony Charge

No matter the amount of cocaine in your possession, if you’re caught with cocaine in your possession in Houston, you’ll be quickly whisked to the Harris County Jail on, at bare minimum, a State Jail Felony level criminal charges with carries a maximum punishment of 2 years in jail (as far as incarceration is concerned), and up to a 10,000 monetary fine, monies which aren’t easy to come-by during these economically aggressive times.

Why Is Possession Of Cocaine A Felony?

Possession of cocaine is a felony in Houston, Texas, and the United States as a whole, on the basis of its classification on the drug schedule chart, a chart maintained by the federal government in Washington DC. Cocaine is considered a dangerous drug conducive of extremely high addiction rates.

Most people tend to believe cocaine heads and crack fiends are one of the main sources of violence, theft of property, aggravated robberies, and generally represent a large faction of the criminal element currently taking hold in society. Any drug charge & cocaine defense lawyer in Houston will tell you; just because is hooked on Crack-Cocaine, doesn’t make them a bad, or immoral person.crack-cocaine-lawyer-Houston

Being that the drug is bloody, meaning that many people die and are killed as a result of the black markets surrounding cocaine, illegal drugs, and other dangers narcotics, parts criminal penalties for people found guilty of crimes in connection with cocaine are seen as a way to deter others from entering into the world of cocaine in the future.

However, with the allure of money, women, and a fast-paced lifestyle, many Houstonians get caught up in the trap known as life in the fast lane. Life in the Fast Lane is a life which often involves cocaine and/or other seriously dangerous drugs.

With the indirect, but serious, danger posed on society, cocaine is classified among the most seriously dangerous drugs, and if busted with enough of it in your possession, you could face a life sentence.

More Resources on Cocaine

We’re going to share with you a number of resources related to cocaine just in case you, or family member, can benefit from your knowledge of things relating to this dangerous, yet popular, drug.

Signs of Cocaine Use: http://www.narconon.org/drug-abuse/signs-symptoms-cocaine-use.html
About Cocaine: http://www.dea.gov/druginfo/drug_data_sheets/Cocaine.pdf
Federal Cocaine Law: http://www.ussc.gov/sites/default/files/pdf/news/congressional-testimony-and-reports/drug-topics/200205-rtc-cocaine-sentencing-policy/200205_Cocaine_and_Federal_Sentencing_Policy.pdf
Houston Cocaine Lawyer: http://houstoncriminallaw.guru/defense-lawyer/cocaine/

Addicted to Cocaine? Get Help Fast!

If you are a person who is addicted to cocaine, or if you have a bad crack habit that you’ve been looking to shake, you should immediately take steps to enroll in some form of drug education and/or drug rehabilitation program before things get worse than they probably already are.

Shariah Law, An Evil Mandate

I don’t think the idea of Sharia Law being accepted by the American people is even possible. Those evil men from the sand-lands want to kill us if we don’t switch to the evil religion of Islam. It is truly an evil religion. I once believed the rhetoric of Islam being a peaceful religion until I learned more about it, and it is nothing more than rhetoric. After you learn more about Islam, you learn that the peaceful Muslims, are in fact law breakers and extremists in their own right, at odds with the violent demands of the Ko’Ran.

Moving forward, review the video below to learn more about the fantasy of Shariah in America.

5 Tips To Help Prevent a DWI Arrest in Houston

Experiencing an event where the police arrest you for DWI, DUI, or for the suspicion of either, can be a frightening experience to say the least, therefore we feel very good about offering a few tips that you can use to prevent garnering a criminal charge for driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

#1 Don’t Drive While Intoxicated

In short, this is one of most simple measures one can take in regard to the prevent of DUI related criminal charges by law enforcement. If you’ve been out drinking, or at home drinking, and know you’ll need to travel, you can try the following;

  • Contract with a cab or taxi service,
  • hire a limousine service for the night if you are intending on enjoying a night on the town,
  • designate a driver if there is one among you doesn’t drink or use drugs,
  • Walk to and from your destination, however this may leave you open for a Public Intoxication related arrest by law enforcement,
  • Call a family member or friend for a ride,

and whatever other idea you can come up to steer clear of driving while intoxicated related criminal offenses in Houston, TX.

#2 Know Your Legal Blood Alcohol Limit

In some cases, people can legal drive after they’ve consumed alcohol so long as they aren’t intoxicated by appearances, or by legal alcohol blood content levels.

To learn more about your physical limitations as it relates to staying under the legal blood alcohol limit for while driving, it helps to have access to a handy BAC Calculator that you can use to get an idea of how much you should, or shouldn’t, drink or consume alcoholic beverages prior to driving.

This tool has proven to be a big help for people convicted of a 1st time offense for DUI when it comes to the prevention of future DWI offenses.

#3 Don’t Give Police A Hard Time, Be Nice

Although you may be intoxicated and pulled over by the police, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be arrested and jailed for a DWI offense in Houston. Sometimes being courteous and polite can go a long way in the eyes of law enforcement, and if they don’t notice that you are drunk, you may get off with a warning for whatever traffic offense they stopped your vehicle for in the first place.

Even having your drivers license, insurance, and registration ready for the officer can help prevent a DUI arrest. By having this information handy it will drastically cut down on the time that you will have to interact with the officer, thus limiting your potential to be arrested by law enforcement.

#4 Obey Traffic Laws

90-99.99% of DUI arrest occur due to the motorist drawing the attention of the police by violating local traffic laws, speed limits, and blowing through stop signs and red lights. Aside from the potential of killing or seriously injuring another motorist who may be sharing the road with you at the same time, is the ease of which such actions draw the attention of law enforcement who may be patrolling the area at the time.

Following local traffic laws is the best way to avoid being stopped by police.

#5 Consider The Consequences of a DWI

Being mindful of the possible consequences of a DWI conviction can go a long way to making you think twice about driving after you’ve consumed considerable amounts liquor. Below are a list of consequences that can help to illustrate the importance of preventing a DWI arrest.

  • Innocent people can get killed of injured as a result of driving while intoxicated.
  • Drivers license suspension.
  • A criminal record.
  • Jail time of up to 20 years if someone is killed or seriously injured.
  • Fines and other penalties such as an increase in your insurance premium.

In short, its best to be smart about your future when drinking alcoholic beverages while knowing you will need to travel shortly, thereafter. If you are ever arrested for DUI, talk with a Houston DWI lawyer with skill and experience handling such cases.

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