Common Experiences of Injured Parties

When a person is injured due to no fault of their own there are a number of repercussions that must be understood and respected. In Houston, TX we see people injured in car wrecks all the time, and we’ve decided to spread awareness about the trials posed on a individual who was injured.

When You’re Hurt Due to Negligence

The first thing that people tend to experience is the injury itself. Whether you’ve suffered a burn or were involved in a tragic car accident, you will need medical attention as soon as possible to limit any further threats to your health. In the case of industrial injuries, regardless of all the precautions taken, there still situations where employees may find themselves in dire straits.

Even though there may be medical staff on-site, and pre-existing remedies available immediately for common workplace accidents such as is the case with chemical plants, an independent third-party medical examination is required to ensure that your injury is properly diagnosed, and to ensure that other injuries are detected. Failure to take all measure could result in injuries popping up later accompanied by the mystery of where it came from.

The Financial Impact of Injuries

The second experience of people who are suffering from injuries is the loss of their full physical capabilities. In some cases this could be a broken arm that’s preventing you from working if you have a physical job, while in other cases some injuries are permanent like that of serious brain injuries. Regardless of the type of injuries sustained, if it’s a major injury the injured party will suffer a loss of income due to their inability to perform work-related tasks. It brings a whole new level of adding insult to injury.

Personal Injury Claims Compensation

The third experience is sorting things out. If you’ve been injured due to no fault of your own you should immediately consult with a personal injury lawyer that has experience winning lawsuits on behalf of the client. Winning a lawsuit is not necessary in most cases. In general, most tort claims settle out of court and can result in millions of dollars in compensation for the plaintiff in these cases. Jurors are highly sympathetic to injured parties and so are judges.

The important thing to remember about taking legal action with regard to a personal injury claim is to have a good lawyer on your side. There are a number of excellent Houston personal injury claims attorneys that are able and willing to help you get the compensation you deserve and you should call one and make an appointment to discuss your case.

Brutal Prisoner Treatment in America

If you ever wanted to know the dirty little secrets of the criminal justice system in the United States, then one facet would be to brutal abuses inflicted upon prisoners in America. Learn about the abuses that go on in the prison system by viewing this video. It may not be online for long, and it isn’t suitable for all viewers.

Brutal Prisons and Criminal Justice System

American prisons are in some cases no different than the Abu Ghraib Prison in which prisoners of the “Waste on Terror” were forced to endure many different levels of torture and degradation at the hands of prison staff who represent the state. The Brazoria County, Texas jail is even worse with Sheriffs Deputies who strip prisoners naked and force them to crawl on filthy prison floors butt naked. In some cases, dogs and electric cattle prods were used on prisoners as a form of torture. Many of these victimized prisoners had not been convicted at trial.

If you ever find yourself in trouble with the law in Texas, talk with a Houston criminal defense attorney and work to develop a defense strategy for your trial or you may end up treated worse that what is revealed to us in the video.

In Florida, some counties thrive off the prison system with almost 1 person in every family working in the correctional facility. In some case, prisoners are servants to the counties in which they are jailed, making them examples of modern day slaves.

Chemical sprays have also been maliciously used on some of the prisoners in lock up causing a number of burns to inmates which has resulted in a number of lawsuit filings by criminal defense attorneys who represent the inmates and have photographed their injuries for evidence.

One of the prison doctors pointed out that prison guards think its their job to punish the inmates and can be quite vindictive. In some cases, when prison guards kill prisoners, they will cover it up administratively and blame it on another prisoner.

In Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is interviewed and we all know that this man is a staunch enforcer of the law. In some cases, prisoners have died in his jails as a result of being strapped down in chairs meant to “protect the inmate”. Some have alleged that prisoners have been beaten tortured and killed in his jails. Some have died from positional asphyxia. Due to the number of young people killed by deputies in the Maricopa County Jails, a ground has formed under the name of “Mothers against Sheriff Arpaio“.

Tasers are also used as a form of torture and have been linked to hundreds of deaths. Interesting to say the least, be sure to enjoy the video.